Who Should Lady Gaga Duet With At The Grammy Awards?

We know one thing for sure: Lady Gaga will not take the stage alone on Sunday night at the Grammys. Not that she ever does, what with her attendant army of Gollum-like backup dancers, flaming pianos and other vaguely S&M set pieces. But this time we’re hearing she’s actually going to perform live with another singer, something she hasn’t done very much (if at all).

There’s probably a good reason for that. Unlike country cutie Taylor Swift (who will also perform a duet on the program), Gaga is a force of nature whose giant bag of crazy would conceivably overwhelm anyone who dared to step into the spotlight with her. That said, we’ve got some suggestions for who we think she should perform with on the telecast.

Beyoncé: If for no other reason than to redeem the rinky-dink video for the “Videophone” remix. These two (in theory) know each other and have recorded two songs together (“Videophone” and Gaga’s “Telephone”), so a live hook up is not out of the question.

Elton John: He loves pianos, she sets them on fire, bashes them with bottles and fills them with smoke bombs. A match made in heaven! Plus, Elton performed at the 2001 Grammys with Eminem, so he knows how to get down with the kids.

Pink: We’ve had dreams about the two most dynamic female performers on the planet sharing the same airspace for the past year. Who knows what they might perform, but you can guarantee it would be bananas.

Eminem/Lil Wayne: Both rappers are already going to be in the house to perform with Drake, and lord known Weezy never turns down a chance to hop on a track. Gaga’s music is aching for a bit of hip-hop flavor, and either one of these guys could smash a guest verse.

And then there are the ones who aren’t officially booked on the show yet, but who we’d love to see go horsehair shoulder pad to horsehair shoulder pad with Gaga.

Adam Lambert: They were both in the house at the American Music Awards (where Lambert stole Gaga’s thunder, somehow, by kissing boys and such) and a collabo would likely send their large gay audiences into cardiac arrest. Plus, they collaborated on “Fever” from his debut together, so they already have a connection.

Madonna: It’s a mutual admiration society. Plus, Madge is probably one of the only musical forces who could hold her own next to Gaga’s tornado of bizarre.

Kiss: Not terribly likely, though who else could match Gaga for sheer spectacle?

Gwar: See above.

Iamamiwhoami: We still don’t know who the hell this is, but what better place than the Grammys to pull back the curtain while providing what could only be a spectacle for the eyes and ears?

David Bowie: This one would never happen, but trust me, it would be spectacular. She’s said she was totally influenced by Queen and Bowie growing up, so it seems natural that she would share a stage with the ultimate performance art rock icon.

Meat Loaf: Okay, now we’re just guilty of wishful thinking.

Who do you think Gaga should perform with at the Grammys? Leave your suggestions in the comments!