Say ‘I Love You’ With Paramore Valentine’s Day Cards

Don’t look now, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For anybody with a significant other, it can often be a mine field. Do you get a gift, or are flowers enough? What if you don’t make a proper dinner reservation in time? Does acknowledging Valentine’s Day mean that you’re actually in a relationship? It can be extremely problematic.

Luckily, there are plenty of options for anybody in love with a rock fan. Paramore have created a series of limited-edition Valentine’s Day cards that are currently available for preorder. The four card designs feature a mix of band-related puns (“I Love You Para-More”) and lyric references (“You’ve Got A Body Like An Hourglass”), all delivered in pink hues and awesome imagery (including a unicorn on one of the cards). (As a side note, they’ve never been strangers to puns — this is by far the best Paramore T-shirt.) The card packs, which will cost you a measly $8, contain 40 cards (10 in each design) and will be shipped beginning on February 3. They’ve only printed 250 sets, so it’ll be a first-come, first-served deal until the numbers run out.

If your Valentine’s Day paramour is a serious fan of Paramore (see what we did there?), there are plenty of gift options to go with the cards. The set of nesting dolls are charming and will make you look worldly, while the T-shirt grab bag provides a bit of mystery and the thrill of chance. (Sadly, you have to go unofficial to get your hands on a Paramore thong, if you’re the amorous type.) The Valentine’s Day cards are great, though they fall a bit short of the greatest card of all time.

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