MTV News Team Makes Melancholy Exit From Haiti

MTV News had a team of reporters in Haiti to chronicle the recovery effort in the wake of last week's devastating earthquake. We followed journey via e-mails, tweets, BBMs and video in the lead-up to Friday night's "Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief" telethon. This is their final report.

Suchin Pak, 6 a.m. January 23: "Leaving Haiti today. Surprisingly sad. When you're here, as you get less and less contact from the outside world, you feel more connected to what's happening. Everyone around you has a singular mission, from the officer helping you set up your tent to the pilots to the Haitian translators. Everything has a sense of urgency and purpose. You don't get to change the channel and move on to another story, and that feels right. I was here for just a moment. It doesn't feel complete. I wish I had more time."

Suchin Pak, 6:14 a.m.: "Last night, I spoke to a young Coast Guard officer, Stephen Lehman, 25, from New Orleans. He told us this incredible story. A woman in labor was flown from Port-au-Prince to the U.S. naval hospital ship the USS Carl Vinson and gave birth on the flight deck of the Vinson, stationed just 12 miles from Haiti. The name of her son? Vinson."