'Hope For Haiti Now' Celeb Support Overwhelms MTV's Sway

Tonight's event was the most inspiring movement to help others that I've been in involved with since Hurricane Katrina. So many icons were gathered in one room, in unison, in support of Haiti.

I watched Taraji P. Henson become teary-eyed while describing to me the suffering in Haiti, and it was just tear-jerking. It was inspirational listening to Justin Timberlake humbly express his obligation to give back through song simply because it was the least he could do.

Some of the people you'd least expect to be devoted to this cause, like Ben Stiller, Chevy Chase and Robin Williams, set the jokes aside to speak about the importance of giving and continuing to give. The reconstruction of Haiti will be an ongoing task, they all agreed.

The sheer amount of star power at Los Angeles' CBS Television Studios made it feel like a high school hallway, but instead of students, the place was filled with motivated celebrities.


Ironically, in the midst of all these icons being in the building, to them it was the callers and the viewers who they saw as the real stars of the evening. Kevin Jonas and Sigourney Weaver echoed this sentiment. And George Clooney was so much more than just a celebrity face at this event. He kept sticking his head into our interview room, making sure we had everything we needed. He personally would send people over to talk to us.

It was great to see Taylor Lautner walking alongside Jack Nicholson, smiling, and Steven Spielberg, Reese Witherspoon and Julia Roberts picking up the phones to greet donors.

One special moment that really described the atmosphere tonight came from Jeremy Piven, when he joked with me about trying to steal a picture of Muhammad Ali — who wasn't looking — while the boxing great walked by him in the hallway. And then Halle Berry told me heartfelt stories about the images she saw on TV, while, John Cusack expressed his concern about setting up the proper economic infrastructure in Haiti.

Everyone who participated tonight is truly committed to the rebuilding efforts. It wasn't about artists pitching their own projects. Every single person would do whatever we asked of them.

I can truly say humanity looks a lot better today after this event.

Sak pasé, Haiti!

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