Nick Jonas Makes His Super Bowl Pick

I want to start this post off by saying I know nothing about sports, professional or otherwise. I know the Jets are in the running for the Super Bowl and that is like a big deal or something. And that's all I got. But when I got on the phone with Nick Jonas earlier this week to get an exclusive tour update, I was asked by the man who edits this blog to get the pop star's Super Bowl predictions.

I did as I was asked, and the New Jersey native picked a hometown team to take it all the way. "Being from New Jersey, my team is the Giants," he said. "But I'm going to root for New York on this and go with the Jets. I'd love to see them pull something out. It'd be great."

As Nick explained to me, this may be difficult since the Colts — the opponent standing in between them and the big game — are a tough team. But he knows that once they beat this said tough team, they can take home the big trophy (or cup or bowl or something). "I don't know. I think they'll have to get through the Colts first, which is a pretty big challenge," he said. "But if they can beat them, I think they can win it all."

Sounds good to me! Why? Mostly because I don't care. But, as they say: What do we want? TD! What's that? Touchdown! Go team!

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