Prince's 'Purple And Gold' Is No 'Super Bowl Shuffle,' But It'll Do

When the Minnesota Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints this Sunday (January 24) for the opportunity to represent the NFC at this year's Super Bowl, they'll have a little more wind in their sails than they might have otherwise. Minnesota native and Vikings fan Prince has delivered "Purple and Gold," a fight song that he wrote following the Vikings' victory over the Dallas Cowboys last week. The track eschews Prince's signature funk rock in favor of a true fight song, the type of thing you hear crooned at English soccer matches or at Ivy League football games.

"Purple and Gold" is just one of the many songs written about the Vikings, and there's no shortage of songs about the Saints either. (The Saints could technically use U2 and Green Day's "The Saints Are Coming", though that has as much to do with Hurricane Katrina as it does with pigskin.)

But even if "Purple and Gold" sounded more like a sequel to "Let's Go Crazy" than the Notre Dame Victory March, it would have an extremely hard time holding a candle to the greatest NFL-related pop tune in history: "The Super Bowl Shuffle," a rap song recorded by members of the Chicago Bears as a lead-up to their winning Super Bowl XX in 1986. The song (and especially the video) took a fantastically ridiculous idea — a football team essentially recording a boast track, as though they were putting together a mixtape — and turned it into a sublime piece of pop culture ephemera. It even charted (peaking at #41) and got a Grammy nomination. With lyrics like, "They call me Sweetness/ And I like to dance/ Running the ball/ Is like making romance," it's no wonder it became an instant hit and a cult classic. (Then again, "Purple and Gold" has the line, "The eyes say ready for battle/ No need for sword in hand/ We are all amped up/ Like a rock and roll band," which is pretty priceless.)

What do you think? Does "Purple and Gold" beat "The Super Bowl Shuffle"? Who are your picks to go to the Super Bowl? Leave your thoughts in the comments!