Voices From Haiti: 'Think Of Us, Take Care Of Us'

Alison Smith is a medical student at Tulane University who is posting frequent reports from Haiti to the MTV Newsroom blog this week. Today she offers us some more voices from the patients she has treated at Port-au-Prince's General Hospital.

Thelemazque Rickenson, 31

"During the earthquake, I was at home. My house collapsed and my three children died. My wife was saved. I want to tell the U.S. that there's no life for me here. I'm not safe."

Hony Faner, 35

"I was at home and I felt trembling. I ran for my life. My mom and two children died. There's nothing left for me. Help me get a place to live. The government can't support us. Find us a better place to live."

Antoine Eddy, 31

"I was at home with my mom and she died. I've had the courage to come to the hospital to help the people even though I cry about the loss of my family. But I want to help the injured people. I want Americans to help us … we have nothing."

Cecil, 9

"I want to go to school. I don't know if my friends are okay. We can't communicate."

Jean Renel Guillame, 38

"My house collapsed. My sister died. I'm on the street with no clothes. This country is poorer than before. No hope. Many people are lost. Please feed me and get me a job."

Darlene, 12

"Thank you, thank you for all the help because you are taking good care of us. Keep helping. Please don't get discouraged. Thank you."

Garcon Jolina, 19

"I was on the streets when it happened. Help us to rebuild. I need a scholarship to go to school."

Terese, 57

"Thank you God, the international community for assisting the people. Please continue to help us. We have no home."

Lindsey, 6

"My house is broken. I need a house."

Naomi, 23

"Thank you for the help. We really appreciate it."

Chantone, 47

"We need some kind of intervention because I want people from all over the world to help us. The U.S. Army has helped the sick people here. My house is destroyed. I have five children and I have only heard from one of them. I don't know if the rest are okay."

Louise, 50

"My house is gone. My children are dead. If they can transfer me to the U.S. for more medical care, I would appreciate it."

Fabian, 31

"Think of us. Take care of us. Just take care of us whatever you do."

Minot, 40

"I don't have a house. It is destroyed. My leg has been amputated. My kids are in the streets. We need a safe place to live. I have four children. We need aid. I would have so much joy if I could find a place to stay."

Kathy, 22

"I lost my child. I lost 11 members of my family. Please give us as much aid as you can."

Fabrizio, 9

"I want to go back to school."

Mondestine Enock, 29

"I would like for my family to know I'm okay but I lost everything: my house, family members. I'm currently living on the streets without anywhere to stay. I'm a student at the Haitian-American Institute. What's important for me is something like a tent. I would be satisfied. Thank you."

Pierre, 27

"My house is destroyed. I have two kids still under the rubble. I'm homeless. Help me."

Giovani, 9

"My mom and dad are dead in the earthquake. I have no family. I am sleeping on the streets."

Head here to learn more about what you can do to help with earthquake-relief efforts in Haiti, and for more information, see Think MTV. Join George Clooney and Wyclef Jean for MTV's "Hope for Haiti Now" telethon, airing commercial-free Friday, January 22, at 8 p.m. ET.