Foreman Beats Frazier In Jamaica: Wake-Up Video

There was a time when boxing was the most significant and talked-about sport on the American landscape, rivaling baseball for the predominant focus of attention in the world of athletics. Too many championship belts and scandals (along with the rise of other fight sports, especially mixed martial arts) have knocked boxing down a few pegs, but there is still fervor surrounding the biggest match-ups. For example, the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao promised to be one of the biggest events of all time (until it was undone by drug testing minutiae).

In fact, it may have rivaled one of the biggest fights in history. On this date in 1973, George Foreman knocked out the heavily-favored Joe Frazier in under five minutes to win the heavyweight championship. Though Foreman was four inches taller and slightly heavier than Frazier, the boxing world didn't give Foreman much of a chance, especially considering the champ had never lost a professional fight. Frazier was supposed to plow through Foreman and then fight a rematch with the legendary Muhammad Ali.

But Foreman wasn't having it. He came roaring out of his corner, immediately pounding Frazier with uppercuts and hooks, knocking him down multiple times in the very first round. By the second, Frazier was staggered, and by the time the final shot lifted him off the mat, the referee called for the bell and awarded Foreman the championship via TKO. Foreman went on to fight Ali in Zaire in the famous "Rumble in the Jungle," where Ali handed Foreman his first professional loss and regained his heavyweight title. In honor of these titans of pugilistic poetry, we salute them with the Bouncing Souls' "Fight to Live."