Jennifer Lopez Hijacks 'Lopez Tonight,' Takes On Sarah Palin

In the midst of the late-night wars (which, sadly, will be coming to a close far too soon), nobody has talked much about George Lopez. It's not entirely surprising, as though he manages to book solid guests for his TBS show, he has yet to make a real impact on the late-night landscape with any sort of signature bits or guests. (Also, Lopez is often painfully unfunny.) But on Monday night (January 18) night's edition of "Lopez Tonight" may have changed all that.

Jennifer Lopez hijacked the top of "Lopez Tonight" last night to mixed results. "Welcome to 'Lopez Tonight,'" she said as she opened her monologue. "Where nobody gets fired — they just get replaced by a bigger star with the same last name." Though she seemed a little uncomfortable at the top of the show, she eventually settled into her role as a pundit. The highlight came early, when she referred to former Alaska governor and new Fox News contributor Sarah Palin as "la cabrona," which is slang for "bitch."

The singer seemed to be enjoying herself, and even engaged in some late-night wars fisticuffs. When talking about the drink named after Captain "Sully" Sullenberger, Lopez quipped, "The same bartender has made a drink for Conan. It's called the 'Go Back to Manhattan.' It's a Manhattan made with sour grapes and a knife in it." Her best line came right after that: "NBC is considering changing their peacock logo to a cougar, because they're trying to attract young people to an old host." Shortly after that, George returned to reclaim his show.

The artist formerly known as J-Lo won't be ascending to the top of our next wave of late-night shortlist, but she did manage to get a few genuine laughs. If there's one suggestion we can offer for the future, it's that she ditch the plain while jacket she was wearing in favor of more amazing catsuits.