Voices From Haiti: Earthquake Victims Share Their Stories

Alison Smith is a medical student at Tulane University who will be posting frequent reports from Haiti to the MTV Newsroom blog this week. Today she offers us some stories from the victims of the earthquake and volunteers at the hospital where she is stationed.

By Alison Smith

Julian, Age 27

"The whole situation here is very sad. I was in my house when it happened. I didn't get trapped, but the house is all broken. Some of my family is hurt with crushes, scratches. People in the U.S. can help rebuild our country. Bring medical help, food for the people. I want everyone to help. Do it soon to help put it back together. We have nothing."

The following two accounts are from two sisters who lost their mother who were asking U.S. Army troops for help because they didn't know where to go to get assistance.

Linda, 13

"I want the country to change. More jobs, better ideas. I want to go to school."

Shirley, 11

"I don't want any more trouble. I want to go back to school. I don't want anyone else to die."

Alex, 13 (Pictured)

"A wall fell on me. I thought I was going to die. I was trapped for two days. I feel like the doctors are very caring and compassionate for me. I would like to go overseas to get help for my leg. [He has a femur fracture.] I want to go to college."

Vinouth, 25

"I am a nurse from Naples, Florida. All of my family lives in Haiti. When I heard what happened, I packed my bags and I knew I had to find someone who would take me to Haiti. I feel like Haiti needed help before, but this is a way to put Haiti back on the radar. The help cannot stop."

Nicodeme, 29

"I am a Haitian doctor. Me and my family are alive, but about 100,000 people are dead. I lost many friends, a lot of teachers — some members of my family. I cannot stay in my house because it seems like it is going to fall. I was about to prepare for my specialty exam [for medicine] when this happened and now it is difficult for me to continue."

Borgelin, 27

"I am from Baradines [in the Haitian countryside]. I'm lived in Port-au-Prince since I was [young]. When the earthquake started, I was upstairs with three children cutting their hair. We could not do anything [as] the house trembled, [but could] only call Jesus. That's [what] I did and Jesus in his grace, his love for us, saved me. It's by grace, a miracle that I'm living today. My family's house is gone. I lost an aunt and cousin. We need food, water, medicine and help. We need money too, if it's possible. The most important thing for me is to find a scholarship to go study medicine."

Head here to learn more about what you can do to help with earthquake-relief efforts in Haiti, and for more information, see Think MTV. Join George Clooney and Wyclef Jean for MTV's "Hope for Haiti" telethon, airing commercial-free Friday, January 22, at 8 p.m. ET.