Cold War Kids Deliver A Cozy Performance Of 'Santa Ana Winds'

By Matt Elias

For the last six months, Cold War Kids have been tinkering away in a brand new studio in San Pedro, California. The space has served as the epicenter of all things CWK: Their new video for "Audience of One" (off the just-released Behave Yourself EP) was filmed in the surrounding docks and harbor.

The EP's collection of songs — much brighter than the band's last full-length, Loyalty to Loyalty — might just have something to do with their new surroundings. Although the tracks were recorded around the same time as the moodier Loyalty, they fall in line more with the studio's bright windows, fresh layers of paint and picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean.

Frontman Nathan Willett describes the new song "Santa Ana Winds" as a step in the new direction — one that is lighter and less introspective. "It's very literally about me, in ways that I've been uncomfortable about in the past," Willet told MTV News. "But it's kind of fun, new territory."

Willett describes "Santa Ana" as an homage to Southern California. "I was raised here and I always wanted to get out of here, and then once I had been gone for years, I realized that I really love it here and have roots here," he said.

The guys were kind enough to play an intimate rendition of the tune, which focuses on the track's casual intensity and breezy melodies.