Wyclef Defends Yele Haiti, Pleads For More Support: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"My dad always told me, if you're a man with a clear conscience, speak with a clear conscience and the world will know. Have we made mistakes? Yes. Did I ever use Yele money for personal benefit? Absolutely not. Yele's books are transparent and open. We have been given a clean bill of health by an external auditor every year since we started."

-Singer, producer and activist Wyclef Jean, speaking at a press conference on Monday (January 18) and addressing the accusations that his foundation Yele Haiti — which has raised more than $2 million in a week — had done inappropriate things with some if its funds. Tax returns for Yele Haiti were posted to The Smoking Gun last week, but Jean categorically denied that Yele Haiti's money has been used for anything other than aid to the impoverished Caribbean nation.

During the press conference, Jean also talked about the increased horror in the streets in Haiti. "Port-au-Prince is a morgue," he told the crowd, advocating that two million homeless and displaced Haitians should be relocated as part of the recovery efforts. He reiterated his involvement in the relief effort. "I'm not the one that was reporting the news," Jean said. "I'm the one that was carrying the dead bodies on the street. After the camera is off, I still gotta report back for duty. That's just the reality of my life." That duty includes the Hope for Haiti telethon, which will air this Friday (January 22) on MTV and across the four major networks.