James Cameron, Spoon And Dwayne Johnson Headline This Week's 'Late Night Lineup'

Here's the thing: Even though there are a multitude of stars on this week's talk shows, all eyes will be tuned to "The Tonight Show," as it appears as though this will be Conan O'Brien's final week as the host of the venerable late-night program. Last week, former "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" writer and ESPN personality Bill Simmons tweeted that "The Tonight Show" was looking to book big guests for Conan's exit, and it looks as though they've come through on that promise. They're playing their lineups pretty close to the vest, though tonight will feature Tom Hanks (who appeared on one of Conan's first shows) and a performance by Spoon. Last night during his monologue, O'Brien promised a number of other big stars (including Will Ferrell), so it'll be interesting to see what other stops get pulled out as Friday draws closer.

But of course, "The Tonight Show" isn't the only thing on TV this week. "The Jay Leno Show" soldiers on, featuring visits from Michael Jordan on Tuesday (January 19), James Cameron on Wednesday (January 20) and Zoe Saldana on Thursday (January 21). Will Jimmy Kimmel keep sticking it to Leno on his own show? Perhaps, but you can count on performances by Pearl and the Heartless Bastards on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

In the daytime, Oprah welcomes Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle to her show on Tuesday, while Ellen DeGeneres will chat with Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris on the same day. But the finest appearances of the week will no doubt come from Dwayne Johnson, who is plugging his upcoming Disney film "The Tooth Fairy." He's been a Newsroom favorite since he was the Rock back in his wrasslin' days, and it's always good to see him bust out the People's Eyebrow.

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