Pill Treats A Lady To Some Home Cooking On His 'First Date'

A few months ago, MTV News production assistants Rya Backer and Steven Roberts realized that their devotion to chasing stories was seriously getting in the way of their love lives. That's why they dreamed up "First Date," a regular feature that allows them to get up close and personal to some of our favorite hot new artists.

By Rya Backer

Welcome to the fourth installment of "First Date." On this date — shot around the same time I took out the talented, sarcastic quartet of hot babes known as Suckers — I took Atlanta rapper Pill to a very special place: The Viacom cafeteria, otherwise known as "The Lodge." We went there to cook ourselves a late lunch, because according to the rapper, Pill "invented the six course meal."

Pill and I didn't immediately click on this date, as we were focused on the task at hand. We were distracted by the Ramen noodles and hot dogs, and we had a limited amount of time to do everything. But the lightning-tongued MC's natural charisma soon started to shine through, and he started dropping bon mots the same way he spits hilarious punchlines in his rhymes.

Once we got to talking, I learned that Pill is both charming and hilarious (ladies, consider this an enthusiastic recommendation!) and invented this delicious hybrid dish that involves hot dogs, Ramen noodles and a chicken flavor packet. It was nearly as tasty as 4075: The Refill, Pill's free 2009 mixtape that was one of the most slept-on releases of last year.

So, enjoy! Watch it early and often from many different computers, and tell me who I should take on my next date and who it ought to be with!


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