Mark McGwire's Steroid Apology Requires Daddy Yankee

Yesterday, amidst the sniping between late night talk show hosts and the news about Simon Cowell leaving "American Idol," another news story nearly slipped through the cracks: Mark McGwire, the former St. Louis Cardinal who held America's attention during his chase for the single-season home run record in the summer of 1998, finally admitted to taking steroids during his historic run. In an interview with the Associated Press, McGwire copped to using steroids and human growth hormone throughout his career, including while he was chasing the record.

"It was a wrong thing what I did," McGwire said. "I totally regret it. I just wish I was never in that era."

McGwire's admission counts as one of the least surprising headlines in the history of news, as most everybody assumed that he had been using some sort of performance-enhancing drugs (especially after he was called to testify to Congress and said that he wasn't there "to talk about the past").

McGwire, who is the new hitting coach in St. Louis, made his admission prior to the beginning of spring training with the knowledge that he would constantly have to be answering questions. "I knew this day was going to come," he said. "I didn't know when."

Big Mac's place in the record books will be hotly debated over the next few months, so while we contemplate whether or not his numbers should be stricken from the record books or if coming clean gets him a clear path into the Hall of Fame, check out our specially-curated video playlist. It includes Children of Bodom's "Needled 24/7," Eric B & Rakim's "Juice," Dwele's "I'm Cheatin'" and, of course, Daddy Yankee's "Gasolina."