Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga And Rihanna: This Week's Deep Cuts

The first full week of 2010 was a busy one here in the MTV Newsroom, as stars dove headlong into a fresh decade with all their news and controversy in tow. So while you're ensconcing yourself in the heaviest blankets in your house so as to ward off hypothermia, take a few minutes to catch up with anything you might have missed over the last few days.

» MTV News digital producer sent a handful of stars (including Justin Bieber, who did not die this week) to the "Jersey Shore."

» Elsewhere in the "Jersey Shore" universe, Snooki went on "The Jay Leno Show" and made fun of "Twilight."

» Katy Perry had a busy week, as she tweeted about her trip to India and then officially got engaged to boyfriend Russell Brand. May we suggest an idea for a wedding cake?

» In louder news, Soundgarden announced they were coming back, which dropped them off the list of bands we thought would never return. Still, we can always count on Guns N' Roses and the Smiths.

» The catsuit that Jennifer Lopez wore on New Year's Eve continued to give us fits.

» Last week we congratulated Van Morrison on having a new baby, but it turned out the whole thing was a giant, strange Internet hoax.

» Which albums are you most anticipating in 2010? We're looking out for new ones from Beastie Boys, Sade and Against Me!

» The White House said the State of the Union wouldn't go up against the season premiere of "Lost," which means they aren't taking our awesome, Photoshop-assisted advice.

» Since Rihanna locked up Matt Kemp, we suggested the eight other players she should draft for her fantasy baseball starting lineup.

» Lady Gaga took a job as a "creative director" with Polaroid, though we hope she got herself a good dental package.

» With Jay Leno possibly moving back to 11:30, the late night wars got a little more interesting this week, and we asked which host is your favorite (minus the infallible David Letterman). It turns out you really love Craig Ferguson!

» We wished Elvis Presley a happy birthday. What do you buy for a fallen King? (Besides a cape, of course.)

» Finally, if you warm yourself up enough to get to a theater and see "Youth in Revolt" this weekend, check out our alter-ego playlist, featuring Beyoncé, Ryan Adams and Garth Brooks!

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