Katy Perry And Russell Brand: Their Best MTV Moments

Russell Brand proposed to his lady love Katy Perry over the holidays while in India (in case you haven't heard, she said yes). And in case you didn't know it, MTV has been there during the couple's entire history with each other. Not that we like to take credit for these sorts of things, but we hope to see our wedding invite in the mail. MTV did play matchmaker for these two crazy kids. And, here are some of our favorite MTV moments with the couple.


In 2008, Katy sang the classic Madonna tune "Like a Virgin" while Russell played host at the VMAs that year. It's to be noted that Katy also hosted the EMAs in 2008. The couple that hosts in the same award season stays together. These are facts.

However, they kicked off their love affair at the 2009 VMAs in NYC. He may have given her some hosting advice, because only a few months later she was hosting the Europe Music Awards once again.

Only a few months before their love affair kicked into high gear, Russell chatted with MTV News (in an elevator for some wacky reason), where the former sex addict was still hitting on any hot thing that he happened upon. We also caught up with Russell on the set of his flick "Get Him to the Greek" (where he would later shoot a cameo with Katy).

But long before any of that, MTV News was there when Katy was still an up-and-coming pop star treating us to a performance of her hit song "I Kissed a Girl." We hear she liked it, but ultimately liked kissing Russell even more. That's probably why he wanted the key to her hotel room at the VMAs, but instead got the key to her heart!