President Obama's 'Lost' Controversy: The Solution!

Throughout the first year of his historic presidency, Barack Obama has stared down a number of high-profile issues: His health care reform bill, national security, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and that whole beer summit dust-up. But he may be facing his most heated controversy yet.

Because he wants to have the health care bill signed into law by the time he delivers the State of the Union, the President announced that this year's speech would be pushed back to February 2. For fans of the hit TV show "Lost," that poses a big problem, as that's the same night that the show rolls out the premiere of what promises to be the final season. Hardcore fans have been waiting years for their questions about Oceanic flight 815 to be answered, and they are already up in arms about whether or not ABC will preempt their favorite show (the hash tag #NoStateofUnionFeb2 is already flying around Twitter). It seems impossible that ABC wouldn't air the speech (which should be especially interesting considering the debate over the health care bill and the upcoming midterm elections), but "Lost" is also a major property for the network, and they've been hammering home the February 2 date as the show's return since last summer.

It's a tough one, but we at MTV News have a solution: Integration! Since President Obama is all about bringing people together, why not just drop in on our friends at the Dharma Initiative? He could deliver the speech in the context of our time-traveling friends Jack, Kate and Locke. MTV News production ninja Brian Jacks thinks it would look a little something like this.

What do you think? Should the President make way for "Lost," or does the State of the Union trump Oceanic flight 815? Leave your thoughts in the comments!