Paramore's Hayley Williams Tweets Her Way Through The People's Choice Awards

Wednesday (January 6) night's People's Choice Awards saw big victories from the "Twilight" crew, Taylor Swift, Johnny Depp and "Glee." It was also a big night for Paramore, who beat out Daughtry, Green Day, Kings of Leon and Muse to take home the title of Favorite Rock Band. As she is wont to do, singer Hayley Williams kept fans abreast of her developments and reactions via her Twitter account.

Williams, who was at the show with boyfriend and New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert, opened the night wishing that she got the opportunity to meet one of her favorite stars. "Dear God, please let today be the day that I meet Michael C. Hall," she wrote about the star of "Dexter" (a show she often tweets about). "And let him be wearing a lab coat and goggles. Amen."

After announcing that she was en route, Williams a picture of the cosmetic collection she was using last night, with the added message, "Guys will hate this tweet!" She unfortunately ran into phone trouble during the show, but she was sure to hit all the high notes once the show had wrapped. "My phone died!" she tweeted. "Or else I could've told you that I saw Chevy Chase, Sandra Bullock and Steve Carell tonight and they were all faaaantastic!"

Williams also gave a shout-out to friend and fellow award-winner Swift (who won the prize for Favorite Female Artist) and re-tweeted a photo of her and Gilbert at the awards. At the end of the evening, she summed up the whole experience: "Such an awesome night. People's Choice was awesome, hanging with good friends was awesome. And sleep is about to be so awesome. Bye!" Williams has a few more weeks of rest ahead of her before her band crosses the Pacific Ocean for a tour of Japan and Australia in continued support of their excellent 2009 album Brand New Eyes.