Katy Perry And Russell Brand: A Romance Video Timeline

First off, a big congrats to Russell Brand and Katy Perry. We love to see two people fall in love. And, in the grand old rock'n'roll tradition, the pair had quite a quick courtship. So let's take a look at the timeline of their relationship.


They shared a kiss on the set of his upcoming flick, "Get Him to the Greek" (she says she loved the kiss they shared in it), before he made his intentions clear at the 2009 VMAs, where he more or less professed his crush on the singer. She paid tribute to him at the show, where she opened the VMAs and sang the Queen anthem "We Will Rock You" as Brand took to the stage.

Quickly, they began tweeting about each other and going on lavish vacations around the world: London, Thailand and even Paris during Fashion Week. In October, she celebrated her birthday with Brand by her side and then in November, as he was confessing his need to settle down, she was at the MTV Europe Music Awards dressed in a sexy uniform for West Ham United, Brand's favorite soccer team, and wearing his nickname, Rusty, on her bottom.

He then talked about wanting to have kids as she introduced the former sex addict to her preacher parents in Austria. (What could they possibly have talked about?) But we imagine it went well, since soon they were in India where he popped the question (only a good three or so months after they started dating) and she said yes.

How do we know it's true love? He decided to turn off his hot tub, where he tweeted he once did many hedonistic things in. The mark of a changed man indeed!