Six Collaborations Britney Spears Should Do In 2010

As you've probably heard by now, there's a fairly good chance that, come March, we'll have a new Britney Spears single on our airwaves. Not much is known about the song, except that it's apparently produced by current "It" guy David Guetta (perhaps you've heard "I Gotta Feeling," the ultra-ubiquitous song he did for the Black Eyed Peas).

There's reportedly also an album due this summer, featuring work by Darkchild and 21-year-old producer/musician Jon Asher, who recently told the New York Post that it will be "Epic … music that has meaning. Something that truly moves you."

Sounds epic indeed. So while Spears' label, Jive Records, told MTV News that they "cannot confirm" anything, we here in the Newsroom figured that it's never too early to begin rampant speculation about Brit Brit's new project. Which is why we've complied a wish list of artists and producers we can only dream she'd collaborate with. Because, if we can't dream, what can we do?

Lady Gaga

Imagine the possibilities of a Britney/Gaga duet. The sparkles. The studded leather hoods. The strangeness of it all. In all seriousness, the idea of pop music's two biggest names (aside from, you know, Madonna) getting together on a track makes our head spin … you'd be hard-pressed to come up with a bigger collaboration all year. Sort of like "Swagger Like Us," only flossier. And gay-friendly.


Okay, so maybe this one would top it. If the Queen B and Miss Brit got together on a track, the Diva-tude would be off the charts. Who sings lead? Who gets to wear the "Single Ladies" glove? The video alone would be bananas: A Day-glo fashion explosion, only with more hip-popping. Please make this happen.

Miley Cyrus

This would probably never happen, especially since Miley has never even heard a Jay-Z song, but both have covered Joan Jett's "I Love Rock 'n' Roll," so perhaps they could find common ground on another super-raspy tune. Maybe something from the Bonnie Raitt catalog?

Stuart Price

Who? Why, only one of the most sought-after and respected producers in the biz. Price — who's made excellent albums under the guises of Les Rhythmes Digitales and Zoot Woman — has worked with the likes of Madonna and the Killers, and (as Jacques Lu Cont) he's even remixed a track for Spears ("Breathe On Me"). We'd love to see him give her the full treatment. Imagine an album of Britney cooing over Price's near-patented galloping '80s basslines.

John Hill and that dude from the Bravery

We knew Hill had the goods (his work on Santigold's 2008 album proved that), but who knew Sam Endicott had it in him? The pair were responsible for the two best songs on Shakira's She Wolf album (the title track and the galactic "Men in This Town,") and he's also been working on Christina Aguilera's new LP. We'd like to think their Italo-boogie would fit nicely with the 2010 version of Britney, too.

Steve Albini/Dave Fridmann/Insert name of favorite "indie" producer here

This would never happen, though the idea of Albini getting super mad when Britney's people insist she wants to record the album digitally makes us cackle slightly.

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