Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift, Others Get The 'Jersey Shore' Treatment

By Eric Ditzian

Call it an MTV News trend. Everybody wants to look like those crazy "Jersey Shore" kids. Seriously. It all started when Snooki paid a holiday visit to the Newsroom and bestowed a gift of some severely poofy hair on one of our staffers. As Snickers said as she sprayed, combed and sculpted our co-worker's 'do, "You have to tease the sh-t out of it!"

Days later, plus-sized "Saturday Night Live" jokester Bobby Moynihan donned a wig and an ornamental accent to embody Snooki during a truly amazing "Weekend Update" bit. "Oh, you want to touch my poof?" he asked a rather frightened-looking Seth Meyers. "You can call me Garfield, because I'm orange and I love lasagna!"

Cut to earlier this week, when everyone's favorite emo A-lister, Michael Cera, convinced the "Shore" crew to guido-ify him as part of his PR efforts for his new flick, "Youth in Revolt." DJ Pauly D gelled up Cera's mop until he was looking like Yahoo Serious and J-WOWW spackled on the makeup until the actor glowed like an orange sunset over the polluted skies of Seaside Heights.

As we watched Cera pump his fist and boogey alongside his new peeps, we had a thought: MTV must share the love. Thus we give you the "Jersey Shore"-ification of some of your favorite stars. Doesn't the Jersey-bred Nick Jonas make a convincing Vinny?

Click on the above photo to check out the rest of our freaky creations (courtesy of in-house Photoshop wizard, Sohyung Kang). Justin Bieber, your name shall henceforth be the Other Situation.

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