Snooki To 'Twilight' Fans: 'You're Boring!'

By Eric Ditzian

Question, Twilighters! Do you take it as a compliment or an insult that Snooki is a "Twilight" hater?

The artificially-tanned, hair product-enhanced "Jersey Shore" breakout star appeared via satellite on "The Jay Leno Show" Monday night (January 4) to kick some knowledge during the host's "10 @ 10" segment. When asked the name of the last book she read, Snooki at first confessed, "I don't read books!"

But then a little light bulb seemed to flicker on above her poof. "I tried to read 'Twilight' but it got boring, like, the second page," she announced. "There are no pictures, so I'm not reading it."

A scholar she may not be, but don't for a second think Snickers — as her "Shore" compatriots have taken to calling her — doesn't possess a wealth of valuable info. Late last month, she stopped by the MTV Newsroom to dole out kernels of holiday wisdom to staffers about health care ("Go tanning more, like me"), consumer spending (make sure your Escalade has dope rims) and planning for the future ("Be a guido!"). Washington, are you listening?

Which is not to stay the 4'9" diva can be trusted on all matters. On "Leno," it became clear Snooki was unaware pickles — her favorite junk food, apparently — are actually cucumbers. And she spent the tail end of her New Year's celebration arguing with a hotel concierge, sleeping in the hallway outside co-star J-WOWW's room and finally wrapping herself in a curtain and curling up on the suite's couch.

Check out the video to hear Snooki's thoughts on such matters, as well as her disquisitions on how to change the world and why Bumpits are the stupidest hair accessory ever invented.