The Strange Case Of The Van Morrison Baby Hoax

Anybody who needs further proof that you can't believe everything you read on the Internet should look no further than the recent (and odd) case of Van Morrison, who was reported to have welcomed a new son with a woman named Gigi. The source of the report was Morrison's own official Web site, but there was one twist: The whole thing was false. The reclusive 64-year-old rock legend issued a statement that declared the report "utter fiction." He noted that he remains happily married to his wife Michelle (with whom he has two young children).

It turned out that the rocker's site had been hacked — the second such instance in the past few months. The front page of his site now says that a new version is coming soon but offers no other information (nor does it address the recent confusion). This can get chalked up to "Miley Cyrus is Dead" or any number of other Internet urban legends.

But pranks directed at artists like Cyrus or Britney Spears (whose Twitter account was hacked in 2009) have a certain logic to them — after all, they are some of the most searched-for people on the Internet. But why prank Van Morrison? The story likely wouldn't have gotten very much traction had it not been a quiet time for music news and had people not marveled at the fact that Morrison had a kid at his age.

So to clarify: Van Morrison did not have a baby with a woman named Gigi, though he does have two young kids with his wife Michelle. His site was hacked, his publicist got confused (the Associated Press reported that Morrison's rep initially confirmed the story before they published it) and everything is back to normal.

What's your favorite Internet hoax? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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