Ke$ha Enters The ‘Drunk Tank’ For ‘Tik Tok’

By Jo¢elyn Vena

If you’re surprised that Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” has found itself at the top of the charts, then you might also be surprised to hear that Ke$ha herself can’t believe that the raucous party anthem has caught on with fans. She explained that she had no idea the tune would resonate so much with music fans when she wrote it as the debut single from her upcoming full-length Animal.

“I actually I still don’t believe it, but I’m kind of starting to believe it a little bit more hearing it on the radio,” she told MTV News about having a hit song on her hands. “But when I wrote it I had no idea. I’ve written so many songs. I had no idea.”

The sparkly blonde added that she thinks that song has got such a following thanks to its balls-to-the-wall attitude. “I think that people like it, I could be totally wrong, because it is just unapologetic and really fun,” she said. “I think that’s what I want people to feel when they listen to it is just to have a really good time. Period. So hopefully that’s why people like it.”

As for the video, which shows the 20-something rebelling against her conservative family and hitting up a party or two, it suits the song just fine thanks to a location known as the “drunk tank.” “The video I’m excited about because I actually got to shoot it in my old neighborhood and the guy driving my gold car is a friend of mine and then the last party scene is in this house called the drunk tank,” she said. “Which is one of my friend’s houses that we all go party at. So I like it cause its super-honest and genuine.”