Peaches Geldof Apologizes For Miley Cyrus Death Tweet

By Cara Alwill

Twitter has elevated itself from simple micro-blogging service to the fastest source for breaking news in the entertainment industry. This past weekend, news of Brittany Murphy's death spread rapidly via the service, with celebs reacting and sharing their grief for the late actress. But how can we be sure everything that's tweeted is truth?

Just the other day, 21-year-old British Socialite Peaches Geldof (daughter of Live Aid guru Bob Geldof) proved that tweets need not be taken lightly, as she caused a widespread hysteria when she tweeted that Miley Cyrus had died. According to reports, Geldof received a text message from a friend in the industry claiming the "Hannah Montana" star had passed away, and rather than fact-checking, Geldof took to her Twitter account. Geldof's followers immediately responded, shutting down the rumor and confirming that they had just seen Cyrus perform in London.

Cyrus has had quite an interesting history with Twitter. After leaving the social networking site in October (making her departure a trending topic for a solid week), she rapped about her decision in a video clip called "Goodbye Twitter." The teen queen cited her reason for leaving as wanting to start "living for moments not living for people." Even though she no longer provides dispatches about what she's eating for dinner or what song she's falling asleep to, it seems like Cyrus can't escape Twitter's wrath.

After fan outrage about Cyrus' supposed death, Geldof removed the tweet and later apologized to concerned fans. "Didn't want to cause distress by tweeting that I'd heard that Miley had died," she wrote. "Turns out it was a rumour." No doubt she'll be a little more careful with her words moving forward.

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