The Situation Pokes Fun At Himself In ‘Jersey Shore’ Spoof

By Cara Alwill

Ever wonder what the cast of “Jersey Shore” would be like sans house music, accents and limitless confidence? Well, in this Funny or Die clip, Snooki, Pauly D and the Situation clue us in.

The skit opens with Snooki and the Situation in a hotel room, recapping their night out. Snooki recalls a “juicehead grinding up on her,” which turns out to have been the Situation himself, and just as the two get up and begin fist-bumping, a siren blares and Pauly D comes flying into the room with a laptop in hand.

As the Situation begins to recite his now-famous monologue about those abs of steel, he immediately loses steam, citing he “can’t bear this any longer.” Snooki picks up what appears to be a script for the show, and the Situation puts on a pair of glasses. Within seconds, the threesome lose their accents and the room goes silent. Pauly D picks up an insanely bizarre twist on a British accent, convincing the Situation to stay positive and keep the momentum.

Just when it seems like there’s no hope left, room service arrives and the infamous club siren blares yet again. Everyone is dancing in anticipation of their meal, and the bellhop immediately recognizes the Situation, calling him an inspiration and flashing a pasty, hairy midsection.

The Situation appears defeated. Snooki provides a pep talk and Pauly D delivers the key inspirational line to the Situation: “Every time you lift your shirt, you’re lifting America’s spirits.” This hilarious mockery just makes the cast even more charming, and somehow, we think Pauly D might be right.