Adam Lambert Doesn’t Have A Makeup Line … Yet: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

“I haven’t started a makeup line. I might, but I haven’t yet. My father was rumored to be mortified by what I did [at the ’American Music Awards’] and that we’re not speaking. That’s a rumor. … I think Bill O’Reilly perpetuated that. Lovely man. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. [My dad and I] were laughing about it … so that was a rumor.”

Adam Lambert talking to Jay Leno on “The Jay Leno Show” about a number of rumors about him that he wanted to squash. The “American Idol” runner-up dropped in on the comedian’s nightly talk show to chat about his album For Your Entertainment, the jobs he had before he was famous (he was a barista who would come home stinking of coffee beans), what he thought “American Idol” would be like without Paula Abdul and what his younger brother is up to. Lambert also shared his year-end picks with MTV News. He endorsed releases by Lady Gaga, Pink, Kings of Leon and Ke$ha. As for his pick for “Man of the Year” (a title MTV News awarded to the late Michael Jackson), Lambert said, “I don’t know who I would say. That’s a tough question. Obama’s a good one. Tiger Woods, not so much for me?”