‘Alice In Wonderland’ Welcomes All Time Low To Its Soundtrack

Last week, All Time Low dropped by to rock the MTV holiday party and also to chat about their crazy tour with Fall Out Boy, their new bra collection and how they plan to spend the holidays. And even though they estimate they played over 300 shows in 2009, they’ve already gotten a head start on work for 2010, as they recorded a song that is expected to be included on the soundtrack to “Alice in Wonderland,” the forthcoming Tim Burton/Johnny Depp joint that promises to be one of the biggest films of next year.

“Until it’s 100 percent, I’m still going to say ’tentative,’ but yes, we recorded a new song for the soundtrack,” said frontman Alex Gaskarth. The untitled tune was written specifically for the movie, though it isn’t necessarily a straightforward narrative about the Cheshire Cat. “The song definitely references ideas from the film and from the story, but I wouldn’t say that it’s obvious,” said Gaskarth. “But it’s in there, for sure.”

It’s a good thing the themes of the story are well-known, as the band did not get a sense of where their song would go, nor were they able to see any footage before cutting the tune. In fact, they haven’t gotten any sort of Hollywood treatment so far. “We’re probably going to have to buy our own tickets to the premiere,” joked drummer Rian Dawson. Guitarist Jack Barakat added, “My mom actually asked me if we were going to meet Johnny Depp, and I had to say ’No mom, not unless it’s by accident.'” Still, the band is excited for the movie, as well as the rest of their prospects for the coming year.