Diego Luna And Gael Garcia Bernal Like Kissing Each Other, And Me

I’ve had a great 2009. Why? Well, I got to chill with everyone from the cast of “New Moon” to the Jonas Brothers to Taylor Swift. I got to meet Jordan Knight and David Boreanaz (who wanted to sing karaoke with me, by the way). Plus, I got to meet a few other really cute guys, and I even made a couple of them — namely Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal — fall in love with me.

Yes, you heard me. Fall in love with me. Let’s travel back to April when Diego and Gael (we’re on a first name basis!) were busy promoting their flick, “Rudo y Cursi.” I, of course, wanted to know all about their now infamous make out session in “Y Tu Mama Tambien.” They had a lot of fun stuff to say about it and each other. They were delightful and charming and dreamy. We chatted about soccer and more kissing (Diego kissed Sean Penn too! What a floozy!). And then, out of nowhere, just as the interview was wrapping up, Diego asked me for a kiss. (Like I said: Such a floozy!)

I was slightly taken aback (in a good way) and tried to play it cool, like this happens to me all the time. (For the record: It doesn’t.) And so, what was a girl to do? Say no? Heck no! So, I went for it right there in the junket, all while the cameras were still rolling. So just in case you don’t believe this happened to me, enjoy the video proof.