Adam Lambert And Kris Allen At Jingle Ball: The MTV News Outtakes!

It's been a great week to be an "American Idol" fan. Kris Allen rocked "The Late Show with David Letterman" in Christmas sweaters on Wednesday (December 16), Allison Iraheta ferociously tore through her single on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" last night and Adam Lambert appeared on nearly every TV show on the air. (I spied Gokey performing his new country material in North Carolina, too.)

Just last Friday (December 11), I caught up with Kris, Adam and Allison (also known as Kradison) before they hit the stage at Madison Square Garden for Z-100's Jingle Ball concert. (Kris was the only Season 8 "Idol" alum performing that night; the other two were tapped to show off their speaking voices by introducing other acts.) It was a fun gig, what with all of the artists in especially jovial moods, which means our interviews were especially conversational and loose. You know what that leads to: outtakes!

First up, enjoy some of the highlights from my Adam Lambert interview! Initially, we were told that Adam wouldn't be doing any press at the event. Lucky for us, it turns out that it was all a big misunderstanding. During our brief chat, Lambert and I gabbed about how excited he was to meet Taylor Swift, the drama surrounding the upcoming Seacrest-sponsored "Rock My Town" concert contest (On which city he's rooting for: "I really don't have a preference, to be honest with you") and his love of the Miike Snow album (even if he engaged in a little "oh no you didn't" over the band's pronunciation with my camera dude, Steven Roberts). It also wouldn't be a Jim Cantiello "Idol"-related outtake reel without a horrifically awkward, accidental come-on towards a contestant. I wanted a hug from Lambert. Can you blame me? Dude looks so dang huggable!


And finally, here's the latest installment of "The Krim Show." (For the uninitiated, Kris Allen nicknamed his "friendship" with me "Krim" in a previous interview. Get it? Kris + Jim = Krim!) We talked about Ben Savage and he mocked my outfit relentlessly. But the big revelation? Kris Allen is as gigantic a dork as I am.

When I pitched "Settlers of Catan" as a potential board game for his family to test drive on Christmas, his gut reaction was to grunt "Dude" whilst raising his hand for a high five. Yep, not only is Kris Allen the "American Idol" winner, but he's also a guy who loves a board game where you say things like, "I'll trade you a wheat and a sheep for an ore" and "Okay, I'm moving the robber and then playing this road building development card!" I didn't think I could like the guy any more and then he goes and geeks out over Catan. Kris, my admiration for you knows no boundaries. Literally, I have no boundaries. How else to explain me saying I planned on being a groupie when he goes on tour in 2010? (Facepalm!)


As far as real news goes, Kris let it slip that he'll be on the road from February to September next year. Score! No dates yet, but you'd best clear your calendar just in case. Kris and his band are shaping up to be an essential must-see live act, performing the heck out of the songs off his debut album as well as throwing in some fantastic covers and mash-ups for good measure.

For the Allison fans out there, I'm devastated to say that there were tragic technical difficulties with our interview. We're working on getting the footage up to snuff because as of right now, the tech snafus make it unwatchable. Expect it some time next week. Make sure you're following me and MTV News on Twitter so you'll know the second the video is ready.

What did you think of our conversations? Do you think Adam really means what he says about Little Rock or was he just being polite? How awesome do his drummer's "light show/drum solos" sound? And who do you predict will win the Kris Allen vs. Jim Cantiello Settlers of Catan Battle of the Braun? Don't think I'll let you off the hook, Kris. Catan is happening, and victory shall be mine.

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