Snooki From ‘Jersey Shore’ Gives Advice To MTV Staffers

Ever wonder where “Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi likes to shop? What does she want for Christmas? Well, when Snooki and other “Jersey Shore” stars stopped by the MTV News offices on Thursday (December 17), a lot of the staff here had many burning questions for MTV’s latest reality star.

Snooki gave advice for how to be look like her. “Go tanning more, like me. So the hair. Straighten the hair all the time. The poof, hairspray, Bebe clothes.”

Wondering what to get for Christmas? That was an easy one. “An Escalade. That’s what I want. Black, with rims.”

Need to know what pickup line to not use on her? Done. “Honestly, I don’t get pickup lines. All they do is grab my ass and I don’t like that. So change your ways.”

And finally, where does fashionista Snooki like to shop? “I go to Woodbury Commons [in Central Valley, New York].” What stores? “Juicy, Bebe, Armani.”

It seems like we now have plans for this weekend: Poof our hair, don our best Juicy attire, put away our pickup lines and ride around in our Escalade. Does anyone have directions to Karma?