Stephen Colbert Makes A Bid To Replace Jay-Z: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"Shoppin' mall is close, my community is gated/ My shorties are all private-school educated/ Home theater system, 60-inch plasma/ Clean suburban air, much better for my asthma/ Still hit the city, Times Square, keep it real/ Hard Rock Cafe for the appetizer deal/ M&M Store, Disney Store, I'm in heaven/ I own this town from 41st to 47/ Take you to 'The Lion King,' that show is fantastic/ Leave half an hour early so I can beat the traffic/ I can get home really fast, driver rocks an E-Z Pass/ Land of cheaper gas and the upper middle class."

-Late night comedy show host Stephen Colbert, making a guest appearance as a rapper during Alicia Keys' performance of "Empire State of Mind (Part II)" on Tuesday (December 15) night's episode of "The Colbert Report." The singer dropped by the show to talk about her just-released album The Element of Freedom (currently the top-selling full-length on iTunes) and chat with Colbert about the significance of both "Empire State of Mind" tracks. "I only have one beef with [the original]: There's not enough about the suburbs in it," Colbert told Keys in an interview prior to the performance. "It's mostly about the city itself. What about the bridge and tunnel crowd, don't they get a shout-out?" Colbert is really ending 2009 on a whole series of high notes, as he chatted with Snoop Dogg on Monday night and is currently on the cover of Sports Illustrated (for his support of the United States Olympic Speedskating team).