Justin Bieber Invades Washington, Meets President Obama

On Sunday night (December 13), our nation’s capital was invaded by Canadians. Well, one Canadian, actually: Justin Bieber, who joined Usher, Mary J. Blige, Rob Thomas, Sugarland and Neil Diamond for the annual “Christmas in Washington” special (which will air on Sunday, December 20 at 8 p.m. on TNT). The show celebrates the holiday season through music and also benefits the National Children’s Medical Center. Hundreds of high-profile government characters were in attendance, most notably the President and the First Lady.

The prospect of meeting the Leader of the Free World certainly made Bieber nervous. Following his triumphant performance at the Z100 Jingle Ball at New York’s Madison Square Garden (where he got by far the biggest reactions of the night), Bieber headed to D.C. for the show. “In D.C. preparing to sing for President Obama!” he tweeted. “Yeah I’m nervous. If i mess up he might deport me back to Canada.” In addition to performing on the big show, he also got some face time with Mr. President. “Here with Usher waiting to meet the president,” he tweeted later. “This day is amazing!”

When he finally did get in the same room with Obama, he took a blurry picture that he then posted to Twitter. “Me, Usher, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama,” he tweeted when he put the picture up. “No big deal.” Like Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams, Bieber seems genuinely amazed and flattered whenever something awesome happens to him, and his energy and enthusiasm is infectious. It goes a long way to making the 15-year-old Canadian into a big star.

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