Congratulations To Britney's Biggest Fan!

There were dozens of excellent entries in the "Britney's Biggest Fan Contest," but only one person could truly be called Britney Spears' biggest fan, and that title goes to user Haleybrit, whose devotion to all things Britney was second-to-none. The tour of her Spears-centric room featured hundreds of photos, T-shirts, magazines and pieces of tour memorabilia, all devoted to Britney. In her entry video's best moment, she revealed that she even created a Nintento Wii version of Britney so that Ms. Spears can never be all that far away, even if they're playing "Wii Sports Resort."

As the grand prize winner, Haleybrit will receive the "Ultimate Fan Collection" version of The Singles Collection, Britney's just-released hits collection that features Spears' 29 singles (including her newest hit "3"), each on an individual disc with a unique sleeve. It also has a DVD with each of Britney's videos and 32 pages worth of liner notes, all of which come in a very fancy box.

So congratulations to the winner, who followed-up her winner video with another clip, this one presented as a thank you speech. Check out that video below, and be sure to stay tuned for more contest and more updates on Britney Spears.