Nick Jonas Quietly Enters The Billboard Hot 100

This week’s edition of the Billboard Hot 100 is pretty uneventful, with Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” once again topping the list and the biggest song in the country. The rest of the top 10 mostly stayed the same, with Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” still knocking at the door just below “Empire State of Mind” and Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” holding steady in third place. But one of the most surprising footnotes on this week’s chart is the debut of Nick Jonas and the Administration’s “Who I Am,” which had a high-profile debut on the Grammy Awards nomination show last week but still only entered the chart at #73. For a 17-year-old guy branching out from a band that has already sold eight million albums, that seems like something of a quiet debut, doesn’t it?

Perhaps not. Though the Jonas Brothers have sold millions of records, a quick look at their singles history reveals that they’ve never made a tremendous impact on the Billboard Hot 100 (a remarkable feat considering the type of success they have had). Their highest-charting tune was “Burnin’ Up” (from 2008’s A Little Bit Longer). The rest of their songs have had mixed success on the pop charts — clearly, they’re an album-oriented band. And even “Burnin’ Up” had an especially intense push when it debuted: The video premiered right after the premiere of “Camp Rock,” which was one of the most-watched shows in the history of the channel.

But shouldn’t Jonas have gotten a similar bump from the Grammy show? He probably should have, except that the Grammy Nomination show attracted only 6.5 million viewers, despite having the most-watched show of the night as its lead-in. (That show? A repeat of the holiday classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”) The bottom line is that there’s no need for Nick to panic, as there is plenty of time between now and the February 2 release date of his album Who I Am. Since he and his brothers have established themselves as artists who drive album and ticket sales and not necessarily singles numbers, everything is still coming up Jonas.