Aziz Ansari Following Up Jay-Z Spoof With Full Mixtape

If there were awards for “Comedian of the Year” (and maybe there are — we’re just too lazy to look it up), it’s probable that Aziz Ansari would be a finalist. With his turn as raunchy Dane Cook-esque stand-up comic Randy (or rather, “Raaaaaaaaaaaandy”) in “Funny People,” combined with his work on NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation” and his upcoming Comedy Central special “Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening,” he has delivered consistently and hilariously in the past year. One of his finest moments came when he poked fun at mixtape DJs with a spoof track, where he talked over Jay-Z’s “Hate.” In 2010, he’s going to keep his hip-hop enthusiasm going strong with a full-blown mixtape. The tape, which will drop some time in February, is a collaboration with TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek (along with DJs the Have and DJ Granwizerd) and will feature an entirely new batch of music and lyrics.

“Dave Sitek and I are working on a mixtape together,” Ansari wrote on his blog. “That’s all we’re saying for now, but if everything we have in mind comes together, I can promise three things. 1. Y’all ain’t ready. 2. Motherf—ers need to know. 3. Get yo s–t.”

Ansari is a genuine fan of hip-hop Ὰ he recently got really excited about Roots drummer Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson’s comment that the cast of “Parks and Recreation” were just like the Wu-Tang Clan, with Ansari serving as the ensemble’s ODB. And of course Ansari is no stranger to MTV, as he was a key contributor to “Human Giant,” the sketch show that ran on the network in 2007.

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