Lady Gaga Performs For The Queen Of England

Lady Gaga may be the reigning queen of pop, but she met real royalty — i.e. Queen Elizabeth of England — on Monday in Blackpool, England, when she sang at the Queens' Royal Variety Performance the annual benefit for England's Entertainment Artistes' Benevolent Fund.

The singer, dressed in a red PVC dress that included a 20-foot cloak and Elizabethan-style ruffle, performed her ode to her father, "Speechless," at the show. According to The Sun, the Queen chuckled when the pop star curtsied for her and shook her hand, and before performing, Gaga paraphrased John Lennon's famous line before the Beatles' performed for the Queen in 1963: "Good evening, Blackpool. Let me hear you rattle your jewelry."

The Daily Mirror reported that Gaga had initially intended to include her suicide-act in the performance but elected not to. Instead, she he sat on a swing suspended 12 feet in the air while her piano was suspended on stilts.

"I wanted to do the suicide scene but was told it wouldn't be appropriate," Gaga, who "died" during her VMA performance in September, reportedly said about her performance, noting she had no hard feelings over the change. "I've also had to tone things down generally. But it doesn't matter because I'm a massive fan of the Queen. I was so excited and have even been practicing my curtsy."

Miley Cyrus, Mika, Bette Midler and Michael Buble also performed at the event. Beforehand, Gaga tweeted, "Nothin like a whiskey, fish + chips in the UK to prepare for the Queen," later adding, "Xfactor, jingleball, the queen and royal variety. I will brave another 24 hrs in these heels and dress, because my monsters [fans] would want me to."