Suckers Join Us For Fondue On A ‘First Date’

By Rya Backer

By this point you probably get that co-worker Steven and I enjoy finding new bands who make great music, but more than anything else, we enjoy taking these bands out to classy places and chatting them up.

For this episode of “First Date,” I took out Suckers — a band I’m totally obsessed with — to Kashkaval, a fondue restaurant in New York.

Their Myspace page brands them as “pop,” and that description isn’t far from from accurate. These four multi-talented babes deliver catchy, crescendo- and hook-heavy tracks that still stick after numerous plays. Their live show is incredibly fun — as I previously reported, they create a big, full sound that fills rooms with savage electricity.

I caught up with Suckers while they were in town for the CMJ Festival, and we tore into a cheese and chocolate extravaganza. While what you’re seeing is the distillation of a 40-odd minute fondue party, the boys (Austin Fisher, Quinn Walker, Brian Aiken, and Pan — just Pan) and I also discussed Fisher’s dream of creating a T-shirt made of white leather, their dislike for blonde dreadlocks, the dangers of having a chimpanzee as a domesticated pet and how their hometown (New Haven, Connecticut) has the best pizza (an argument that got some serious disagreement from me).

As we were wrapping up our date an amazing thing happened: The speakers in the restaurant suddenly started blaring a Suckers song. It was the first time the band had heard their song on the radio, and while we didn’t catch it on film, it was a special moment. None of them could get over hearing themselves. It was exciting and surreal, and it seems inevitable that they’re going to be selling out big venues by this time next year.

Enjoy watching the date. Watch it many times from many different computers, and please tell me what you’d like to see on upcoming episodes. Thanks!


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