Rihanna Teams Up With ‘Shy Ronnie’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’

This weekend’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” grabbed headlines because of the questionable sketch poking fun at the Tiger Woods story. Critics felt that it was insensitive to lampoon domestic abuse on a show that featured Rihanna as the musical guest (herself a notorious victim of personal violence). But what got overlooked was Rihanna’s excellent appearance in Saturday night’s digital short. The singer appeared to sing the hook in a song with Andy Samberg, who played an apparently elementary school-aged rapper named Shy Ronnie. The chorus of the song is actually pretty sweet, but Samberg’s rap is hilariously quiet (because he is, of course, shy). Rihanna encourages him to speak up because “this beat was expensive,” but all Ronnie can manage to do is create feedback by holding the microphone too close to his braces and later wet his pants. Just before she exits, Rihanna sings, “I should have just paid Kanye.”

Rihanna’s actual musical performances during the show seemed a little off (probably not her fault, considering nobody ever sounds good on “Saturday Night Live”), but the team-up with Samberg (who ends up busting out an in-your-face rhyme once Rihanna leaves the room) was one of the more memorable moments of what has been a pretty lackluster season thus far. In fact, considering how funny she was in the “Shy Ronnie” sketch, perhaps Rihanna should have done double duty the way Taylor Swift did a few weeks ago.

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