Adam Lambert, Britney Spears And Tiger Woods: This Week's Deep Cuts

The weekend is closing fast, but before you settle in to watch tonight's mtvU Woodie Awards (airing at 10 p.m. on MTV, MTV2 and mtvU) or jet out to the Dominican Republic to celebrate Jay-Z's birthday, be sure to check out everything you might have missed during a busy week in the MTV Newsroom, which included some record-setting sales, Grammy news and more controversy for Adam Lambert.

» Tiger Woods started out having a bad week, and then had a worse week. But you know who has his back? Chris Rock.

» Britney Spears celebrated her birthday this week, and we wished her a happy 28th.

» Also celebrating a birthday this week? Jay-Z, who turned 40.

» Do Adam Lambert and Howie Mandel share style tips? It certainly seems like it.

» Susan Boyle had the biggest selling debut week of the year (passing Eminem on her way to over 700,000 copies sold), but she probably could have moved a few extra units had she taken our advice about what covers to record.

» Ashlee Simpson made her Broadway debut in "Chicago," which went just as well as it did when she was in the same show in London.

» The Grammy nominations were announced this week, and we took a look at the strangest items buried deep within the 110 categories.

» Britney Spears is on the cover of Elle magazine wearing feathers and sitting in a cage. Because she's a songbird, you see.

» The latest episode of "Bargain Spins" focused on excellent-but-overlooked albums by the Cardigans and Kenna.

» Here's a key question: Is R. Kelly simply amazing, or is he one of the greatest artists ever to enter a recording studio?

» The World Cup draw looks pretty good for the United States and looks even better for K'Naan.

» Finally, be sure to catch the 2009 mtvU Woodie Awards, and be sure to check out what Zooey Deschanel associates with the word "Woodie."