Adam Lambert Enjoyed A Crazy Day With Lady Gaga: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"The Haus of Gaga came in at the end to say hi. She was just there. We were working with her and Jeff Bhasker and we recorded the song, and she egged me on and it was crazy. There might have been some libations passed around, maybe. That's real rock and roll."

-"American Idol" runner-up and controversy-courting singer Adam Lambert, talking to MTV News about the song "Fever," which Lady Gaga wrote and helped Lambert record. The result is one of the highlights of Lambert's debut album For Your Entertainment. It's a pulsating dance track that sounds a lot like a certain group of glam-disco revivalists. "Once I heard it back I was like, 'God, that sounds like a Scissor Sisters song,'" Lambert said. "It's disco." Despite the fact that they clearly bonded in the studio, Lambert and Gaga ended up being rivals on this week's Billboard album chart, as both of their albums (For Your Entertainment and Gaga's The Fame Monster) hit stores in the same week. Lambert ended up placing slightly higher than Gaga (though if you combine the totals for The Fame and The Fame Monster, Gaga sold more). It's possible that the two glammiest pop stars around could work together again, but for now, Lambert just wants a ticket to the Monster Ball. "I think she's pretty amazing," Lambert gushed. "I want to be at her show."