Poll: What Would You Get Jay-Z For His Birthday?

As we noted earlier, today is Jay-Z's birthday. The man also known as Hova, Jigga and Iceberg Slim (but born Shawn Carter) turns 40 years old today, and he's celebrating with a big party in the Dominican Republic. The big question for anybody invited: What do you get the guy who seemingly has everything? Jay already has access to cars, clothes, homes and bling, so it seems like he'd be a difficult guy to buy for. (We would get him noise-canceling headphones, which are nice and useful and never something people buy for themselves.)

Of course, it's a little late to start shopping now, but Jay will probably accept belated gifts. So we hit the street to ask what fans would give Jay-Z to commemorate turning the big 4-0.

Not surprisingly, most people were as stumped as we were (though at least one person suggested "a scarf"). Most couldn't fathom how you could shop for a guy like Jigga, which made the ideas a little more novel (one person even offered him a hug).


What would you get Jay-Z for his birthday? Leave your thoughts in the comments or head over to Your.MTV.com to make your voice heard!