Justin Bieber Can't Take Cobra Starship Dance Challenge, Rips Drum Solo Instead

On Tuesday night (December 1), Sacramento, California's ARCO Arena played host to the annual 107.9 The End Jingle Ball, the radio-sponsored holiday concert that officially kicked off the December holiday radio festival season. (Do you have a radio station that plays pop music in your mid-sized city? You probably have a Jingle Ball.) The show featured "American Idol" winner Kris Allen, Thanksgiving parade-approved rockers Boys Like Girls, party punkers Cobra Starship and 15-year-old singer Justin Bieber.

During Cobra Starship's set, frontman Gabe Saporta paused for a moment to address the fact that he and Bieber had been exchanging tweets about a dance-off that was meant to take place at the show. Bieber walked on stage to answer the challenge, though he was unfortunately unable to break out his funky moves because of his foot injury (he is still wearing a cast). One would think that Saporta would win the showdown by default, but Bieber had another trick up his sleeve.

The Canadian singer proceeded to climb up onto the drum riser and rip off a pretty impressive solo. "Thanks for showing me up during my own show," Saporta joked as Bieber exited the stage to massive cheers from the crowd. After the concert ended, Saporta tweeted, "Justin Bieber smoked me hard tonight. He couldn't win the dance off. But he shredded a gnarly drum solo. I back this kid on the real. Legit." You can check out video of the whole sequence — including Bieber's solo — in the video posted here.

Both Bieber and Saporta will be making the holiday rounds throughout the month — you can catch Bieber in St. Paul, Minnesota this Sunday (December 6) and Cobra Starship will be in Buffalo the same day.