Talking Tiger Woods, Taylor Swift And Jay-Z With CNN

I always wondered what it would be like to work at CNN. While that won't be happening any time soon, I did get the chance to play pundit for a little while. CNN's Tom Foreman interviewed me about the years craziest topics in entertainment, politics and music culture for an end of the year special. Initially, I was hesitant to do so because I believe as news correspondents, we tend to take ourselves too seriously. However, in this case, CNN created a very fun platform to televise some interesting perspectives on events that impacted our lives in the past year, and it was great!

One of the standout moments was when I realized I was being interviewed with Larry King's background props right beside me. Some of the issues covered included Tiger Woods, President Obama, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and a bunch more. Some other people featured on this special include comedians Joy Behar and Margaret Cho.

This year-end show should be a treat to watch. Be on the lookout for me on CNN's end-of-year special "AC360's All the Best, All the Worst: 2009." And for more retrospectives on the year that was, don't miss MTV News' "Top Nine of '09," which counts down the biggest stories of the year, from Michael Jackson to Miley Cyrus to Eminem and everything in between. Check it out on New Year's Eve at 11 p.m. on MTV.