The Lil Wayne Felt Mouse: The Hip-Hop Lover's Perfect Stocking Stuffer

There's no question that holiday shopping is difficult. Even if you manage to fight your way into the mall or time your online shopping correctly so you get the best deals on shipping, you still have to figure out exactly what to get all the people in your life. San Francisco design boutique Eden & Eden has a great idea for stocking stuffers, especially if you need to shop for your mixtape-obsessed cousin. The Lil Wayne mouse is three inches tall, made of felt and comes complete with Weezy's signature dreads and a few chains for good measure. It even has tattoos! The mouse sells for $24, and the description on the Web site reads simply "Young Money!"

Just in case you don't want to represent for Wayne's crew but still want to have a tiny felt mouse under your holiday shrubbery this season, you have other options. We're also partial to the awesomely odd "Clockwork Orange" mouse, the Ozzy Osbourne mouse (complete with crucifix and metal hair) and the set commemorating the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band-era Beatles. There are also mice representing Elvis Presley, Sherlock Holmes, "Harry Potter" and Andy Warhol. So no matter what your weird sister-in-law's mother is into, there is a tiny, crafty solution to your gift-giving conundrum. All Eden & Eden need now are tiny mice representing Drake and Nicki Minaj to give Weezy some company (and some freestyling partners).