Happy Birthday, Britney Spears: Wake-Up Video

Britney Spears will be blowing out 28 candles today, as she celebrates her birthday on December 2. She'll be able to party close to home, as her Australian tour just wrapped up. Spears is currently supporting her just-released The Singles Collection, a comprehensive look back at the singer's career. (If you're interested in scoring yourself a copy of said album, be sure to check out our current search for the biggest Britney fan.)

It's crazy to think of anybody as a veteran of anything at 28, but Spears has been in show business for almost two decades now. She joined "The Mickey Mouse Club" when she was 12, and has essentially been in the spotlight ever since. There have been tremendous highs (the staggering ubiquity of videos like "... Baby One More Time" and "I'm a Slave 4 U," the huge first-week sales of Oops! ... I Did It Again, her recently-wrapped Circus tour) and just as many lows (her relationship with Kevin Federline, that time she shaved her head, most of Blackout). But there's no denying that Spears is an international superstar who is known throughout the world as a consummate performer and will probably be the focus of the pop world for decades to come (in the same way that Madonna, Mariah and Janet have all maintained their ubiquity). It's no wonder that Spears is regularly the most searched-for celebrity on the Internet.

Spears' most lasting impression on the music world will undoubtedly be her videos, which have provided a handful of iconic images that won't soon leave the pop landscape. Her latest clip "3" is no different.