Tech N9ne Shows Off His Bling, Raps Backwards At The Woodie Awards

One of the best surprises at this year's mtvU Woodie Awards was the victory by truly bizarre rapper Tech N9ne, who scored a victory when he took home the Left Field Woodie. While the Woodies look to celebrate independent music of all kinds, the Left Field Woodie recognizes the artists working at the extreme margins.

Tech certainly fits that description, as his fiercely independent brand of hip-hop mines Wu-Tang grime, horrorcore, rap-rock and old-school boom-bap. He even calls his label Strange Music, which Tech explained to MTV News on the red carpet at the awards a few weeks ago.

"Strange Music. S and M. Not sado-masochism, but Strange Music," Tech explained. He pointed out that the snake and bat on his chain also represented the logo for the label. "My partner Travis O'Guin and I have been independent since 1999, and it's been beautiful ever since. Forget the majors — we're going to do it our way. If I want to paint my face, I paint my face. If I want to color my hair, I color my hair. If I want to rap backwards, I can do it without somebody saying 'Tech, I don't think people are gonna get it.'"

Tech also explained that the inspiration for Strange Music came from the Doors. "I got the idea from being a big Doors fan, and being really into Jim Morrison," he said. "You know, 'People are strange.'"


You can catch Tech N9ne's Woodie victory when the show airs this Friday, December 4 at 10 p.m. on MTV, MTV2 and mtvU, and be sure to stay tuned to MTV News for more insider knowledge from behind the scenes at the loudest, wackiest, farthest-out awards show of the year.