MTV News #MusicMonday: Shakira, Them Crooked Vultures And John Mayer

Really, you should be listening to music every day, but thanks to Twitter, Monday has become the best day of the week to discover new songs, show some love to the tune currently dominating your iPod playlist and quietly judge the listening habits of your closest friends. Yes, it's #MusicMonday, one of Twitter's most enduring trending topic. Hence "MTV News' #MusicMonday," a weekly look at the songs we're obsessing about here in the Newsroom. Here's what's on our playlists right now.


Jim Cantiello, MTV News Correspondent: "She Wolf, Shakira's jaw-droppingly wild and deliciously unpredictable new CD, is one of my favorite pop albums of the year (if not the decade — yes, I said decade). The standout Shakira song for me is "Mon Amour," a playfully nasty kiss-off. In the song, the She Wolf hopes her ex and his new lover have a horrible relationship-ruining vacation in Paris. The brilliantly-specific lyrics elevate the song to dizzying heights of lover-scorned insanity. "Hope the French fleas eat you both alive/ And your room smells and the toilet doesn't flush." Love it. Even better? The track's new wave sound mashes influences as varied as the Cure, the Beach Boys and Cyndi Lauper. As far as "Pissed Off Ex-Girlfriend" anthems go, "Mon Amour" belongs right up there with Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" and Alanis' "You Oughta Know." Can I get an amen? (Or at least an "Awooooo?")"

Kyle Anderson, Newsroom Blog Editor: "Lately, my brain is melted daily by the self-titled debut album from Them Crooked Vultures, the supergroup that brings together Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme, Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones. The most brain-meltingest song on the album is a track called 'Mind Eraser, No Chaser.' Like the best Queens of the Stone Age tunes, it's probably about taking copious amounts of drugs (or at least contemplating taking copious amounts of drugs), and it's got an incredibly heavy riff. It's also one of the few spots on the album that features Grohl's vocals. The back half of the record gets a little too psychedelic, but I haven't found a better first six songs on a rock record this year."

Jocelyn Vena, MTV News Pop Writer: "Sure the song leaked a few weeks back, but that doesn't mean John Mayer and Taylor Swift's 'Half of My Heart' is any less catchy. Harkening back to Mayer's Room for Squares days, the song combines his keen knack for writing perfect pop love songs with Swift's sweet vocals. They make 'Half of my Heart' a perfect pop duet in a world where there are too few. When these two halves combine, they make a lovely whole."

Joel Hanek, MTV News Production Assistant: "My Music Monday is Blakroc's 'Ain't Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo).' They're comprised of the Black Keys and a bunch of different rappers. This one has Mos Def, and it's excellent. Ohio represent!"