Quentin Tarantino: Video Inspiration For Beyoncé, Missy Elliott

Even though the clip for "Video Phone (Extended Remix)" features two of the most recognizable women in pop music in Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, perhaps the most notable and striking image in the video has little to do with either of those stars. The opening scene of the clip perfectly apes the credit sequence of Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs," which, like "Video Phone," features a line of people in black suits walking in slow motion.

Tarantino is a popular character in the hip-hop world (he has most notably worked with Wu-Tang Clan mastermind the RZA) and has been given nods in music videos since he first became a major player in the film world in the early '90s. Though he was not aware of the latest homage when MTV News' Eric Ditzian caught up with him last week, he was still flattered. "There's been a lot of videos that have used my imagery and stuff," Tarantino said. "I love it. I think it's great." He noted that he was especially amazed that Jay-Z named a song "Reservoir Dogs" (from 1998's Vol. 2 ... Hard Knock Life) and called out the video for Missy Elliott's "I'm Really Hot." "Missy Elliott did a whole take-off on 'Kill Bill,'" he explained. "She even rented the P---y Wagon for her video!"

Tarantino's popularity in the hip-hop community is not difficult to parse: Both QT and rappers love gangsters, slick-talking hustlers and Blaxploitation flicks, so they've got a common language between them. Tarantino concurs. "My stuff has always done well in that community," he explains. "I'm thankful for that. It's cool, it's larger than life and you can have fun with it."